'ASSASSIN' - Quentin Cope


'GYGAX' - The Diary of a Clown.  B.Endler & A.J.Lot


'ALLWORTH PARK' - Quentin Cope


'WORDS' - A.J.Lot




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A search is on for the long lost illegitimate child of Eve, Madame of Le Chabanais; the most famous Bordello in 1920's Paris. But with the tragic death of her mentor gnawing at her sanity she moves south to begin a new less complicated life. However, in 1940, the Nazi invasion of France forces her into the murky, underground world of fearless Maquis fighters looking for retribution against a background of British spy's overseeing the reluctant birth of the American OSS. The battle is on to win the hearts and minds of the French Résistance leaving Eve committed to a life of covert activity that will lead her to face a truth she never thought possible, and dedicated to the ultimate survival of a complete stranger. This intriguing historical drama following the life of one courageous woman and a defiantly brave young man, will take you back to a time, between world wars, of hedonistic Parisian pleasures and the following much darker days of invasion and despair.


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A real story of 'true grit'!

An extraordinary set of events!

A resolute woman!

'Assassin' - Deadly by nature!

ASSASSIN: The richest man in the world would have to be 'dealt with', but not before robbing him of the 'key' to a mining empire built on the dwindling supply of 'rare earth' minerals. They would send the most accomplished professional assassin in the business to do the job. Her success or failure, in one final mission, would decide whether or not the civilised world tips over the edge in a scramble to capture the planet's remaining stocks! That might well have been the 'end-game' for some, but it's not the way Anna Petrov saw it! The trail of bodies the assassin leaves behind is witness to a determination to win the day and maintain world calm. But that was until a final unexpected confrontation with her mentor, Russian SVR General Boronovsky, forced him to play his Ace card.

Would it stop the most feared contract killer in the world in her tracks … or would the frustrated Russian Secret Service Supremo be proven wrong?

An incredible life ... 

An incredible story ... 

An incredible man.

'Gygax' - The diary of a clown.

Trained as a premier acrobat; apprenticed to The Grigoris, the most famous acrobatic troupe of the day, a gifted Walter Endler emerged as one of Europe's most respected 20th Century musical clowns. Fighting a dogged path through a myriad of physical injuries as an acrobat, to fighting on the front line of two World Wars, Walter Endler knew the meaning of pain and discomfort. He also knew the meaning of shame and distress brought about by the activities of a cheating wife. Most of all, despite the periods of sorrow in his life, he knew the meaning of laughter and how to make it happen. Next to determination, this was, without doubt, his most talented gift of all. The life and times of 'Gygax' is not only an extraordinary story about an extraordinary man, it is a remarkable piece of 20th Century social history.

A place in time ... and a time where not everything was as it should be!

'Allworth Park' - A bumpy ride from the start.

Allworth Park, an Historical Drama sitting somewhere between the trials and tribulations of the privileged classes inhabiting Downton and the complex, but extraordinarily obvious, love ambitions of those taking the sea air in Sanditon. Emotionally tense in some places, sexually frank in others but a spellbinding read all the way through, Allworth Park will remain a story to excite and possibly provoke your passions; but that's what a good story is supposed to do ... isn't it? Allworth Park is a full length novel providing the best in modern, 20th Century Historical Drama. It follows the path trodden by some vibrant actors centred on one tough but resilient character; a boy born out of wedlock but with the ambition of kings. Placed in a time encompassing the fallout from two world wars, not everything is straightforward ...

Ten GREAT short stories ... some to possibly  make you smile ...

'Words' - Tea, a biscuit and a short story.

'Words' is a collection of short stories offering a variety of story-lines linked by a common theme, celebrating the enigmatic strength of women and the ability to face a myriad of situations with a steadfast and inscrutable resolve. Perhaps you would enjoy looking behind the curtains with Cynthia and Herminie, 'The Allworth Ladies', a 19th Century tale of forbidden relationships ... and possibly on to the heart rending, modern day events faced by eight year old Chrissy in 'The Red Bicycle'. Then you may want to hear the story of Jane and Vincente, both 'Catching the 12:35' to find love of an unexpectedly ethereal nature ... followed by a vengeful telling of the troubles of British Member of Parliament, Cathleen Dubois, in 'Sex, Money & Lies'. There is something here for everyone, some stories you might expect ... and some you wouldn't!

An audacious robbery ... a cruel double-cross ... an explosive revenge!

'A Bilion Dollar Double Cross' - The big bang.

When three paintings worth over a billion dollars are stolen, professional thief catcher Damon Kendrick must find and return them or the International re-insurance business might well collapse inward, making the worldwide financial crash of 2008 look like a mere rehearsal for a much bigger event. Set mainly in modern day New York, as the bodies start to pile up, someone needs to get a grip; but it will take a lot more than just money and connections in a plot that contains more twists and turns than a sunbathing rattlesnake. There is always a deal to be done in the murky world of art collecting, but how many lives will be lost searching for a conclusion to such a complex set of events?