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Words by A. J. Lot

'Words' is the debut release from Author A.J. Lot, filled to the brim with an eclectic but captivating mix of short stories, all celebrating the resilience of human kind in general and women in particular. From tales of forbidden associations in 19th Century England to the political battles and associated misogyny hiding behind doors in London's Westminster Parliament, A.J. believes there is something here for everyone.

Knowing this is a themed work there may be a story or two you might expect lurking between the pages of 'Words' and there will definitely be one or two you would not, including some unexpected endings and even some unusual beginnings. Whatever your choice, A.J. writes to entertain ... not to criticize, and certainly not to judge.

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Quentin Cope latest interview by AllAuthor Quentin Cope always had the ambition to write full-time. He is known for writing 20th Century historical drama with a twist. He has recently published an Anthology under his pen name A.J. Lot entitled ‘Words’. He is passionate about learning and sharing his knowledge with others. Read full interview...

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