About Mecurian

MECURIAN BOOKS is the imprint and publishing home of Author and Writer Quentin Cope, creating and constructing good books alongside the abundance of great writing talent residing in the North East of England.

Producing an eclectic mix of genre and writing styles, MECURIAN BOOKS will aim to assist the new writer from the North East who probably has a good grasp of working with software such as 'Word' but does not have experience of typesetting, graphics design and print production.

This particular writer could be you and to work with MECURIAN BOOKS you will have an original, unpublished manuscript sitting on a computer somewhere simply waiting to be turned into a finished work in E-Book, Paperback and for some, a hardback version.  We look for manuscripts in a 'Word' format file (.doc .docx) and suitably edited for spelling errors, grammar and layout. Unfortunately we are unable to provide a manuscript editing service. The work itself will reflect your energy and your particular style, all of which will be encapsulated within its pages. If you are happy with it, then so are we. However, if you feel you need a professional eye cast over your work before submitting your manuscript to MECURIAN BOOKS then there are many editing services available to you and you can find out more on our EDITING page.

We will provide the vehicle to bring your project alive and into print making your finished book/novel available to a worldwide audience. MECURIAN BOOKS are unable to offer a paper scanning service, or work with manuscripts involving embedded images and artworks such as children's books, travelogues, coffee table books and family history etc. purely because of the time and the associated costs involved. Our aim is to get your book into print at the lowest possible cost. Working with images however can be a very time consuming and therefore expensive service due to the technical print requirements of quality image reproduction.

MECURIAN BOOKS can create individual covers reflecting the content of the work and the writing style of the author. This process is normally limited to a maximum offer of two designs. This is for for obvious reasons all of which are linked to the simple question: 'How long is a piece of string?'

Ideally MECURIAN BOOKS are looking for well crafted novels (around 60/70,000 words) or novella's (around 20/52,000 words) across a broad range of genre such as Thrillers, Action and Adventure, Biographies (without images), Historical Fiction, Observational Humour and Non-Fiction in certain categories only. Unfortunately we exclude erotica and manuscripts overloaded with profanities purely because we find this type of work unnecessary with so much good reading out there just looking for a chance to get into print. We also have no interest in Fantasy and Science Fiction simply because we don't understand it.

Will it cost anything? Yes! There is a cost attached to everything and the service MECURIAN BOOKS offer is a technical one, converting your manuscript into a book, a finished work that is attractive, good to hold in your hand and made available for anyone to buy on-line worldwide through the Amazon platform. The business model is simple. We are a 'not for profit' enterprise and only pass on our costs. We would obviously love to produce your book at completely no cost to you, the author. Unfortunately, we do not have the funding to do that and the possibility of splitting royalties to cover costs has many drawbacks, not the least being we end up as your accountant. This is something we are not good at. We prefer to be a book producer, which is something we are good at.

From your manuscript MECURIAN BOOKS will calculate the costs of producing the work as an E-Book and a Paperback or Hardback on Amazon's worldwide platform. This includes a separate cost for producing a cover. Finally, we will help you with setting up an account on Amazon which will allow you to track your book sales and receive your royalties. You will need a suitable on-line device such as a Laptop Computer to access your Amazon account over the internet. They will pay your royalties directly into your bank account as long as you live in a country with such an approved facility. We cannot be responsible for any financial arrangements with Amazon or any other royalty generating platform. You must make and manage any such arrangements yourself.

With several projects in hand, MECURIAN BOOKS will be unable to accept submissions or queries for the calendar Year 2024.

We hope to have space available on our list at some stage in the near future and if you are looking for our particular and unique kind of service then we recommend you keep checking this page. Don't forget, we are looking specifically for submissions from future novelists located in the North East and therefore any communications or queries should include your current address.