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Thriller and Saga books from Mecurian available in EBook and Paperback. To purchase on-line in your own currency please follow the links to the 'BUY' page.

The Unicorn Conspiracy - Quentin Cope

A terrifying novel from a master story teller that will have you on the edge of your seat from the very beginning. In 1973 the planet is being driven to the edge of another World War against the background of the greatest recession since the 1930's. Only one man, a disillusioned member of the British Secret Intelligence Service, is tasked with negotiating a complex International issue to pull the Superpowers back from the brink. However, the powerful and secretive members of the 'Unicorn' movement are out to stop him. This fast paced thriller moves from Africa, through the Middle East and on to Europe following a bloody trail of death and deception.

The Geneveh Project - Quentin Cope

It's 1987. Location; Arabian Gulf. A war is raging. British engineering entrepreneur Declan Doyle is confronted by the much feared Mohsen Raza, head of the IRG, Iranian Revolutionary Guard. The Iranian blood-letting battle with the Iraqis has been going on for too many years, is at a stalemate and choking the cash struck Iranians to the point of humiliating surrender. Doyle embarks on a last ditch project to get oil out of Iran in a way that has never been attempted before. Will he succeed?..... Can he succeed? Not if the American CIA have their way. Doyle is committed to the Geneveh Project but the covert activities of Colonel Oliver Gresham leave a trail of pain and suffering that provide him with fewer and fewer choices. He has to complete the work on time or else the leader of the fanatical IRG will want to know why with life threatening consequences. Can the determined risk taker complete the Geneveh Project in time? The head of the Iranian Rev Guard has put his life on it. The CIA have put a billion dollar submarine on it.

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The Doksany Legacy - Quentin Cope

It's winter 1987. Mohsen Raza, merciless head of Iran's feared Revolutionary Guard hunts millionaire oilman Declan Doyle, whose personal undertaking to deliver the Geneva Project ... a vital offshore oilfield installation in the Persian Gulf, crucial to the survival of an Iranian economy and weakened by the war with Iraq ... has proven worthless. Englishman Doyle, desperate to escape Raza's retribution and save his company, makes a frantic last throw of a set of dice loaded heavily against him. Evading Raza's forces he flees the tiny Arab state of Abu Nar, feverishly bent on seeking the truth in a dying man's story of Nazi treasure, one great enough to finance and complete the Geneva Project, saving him from a possibly agonising end at Raza's hands. With nail-biting action from the start, Doyle's frantic escape from his Iranian hunters leads him through dangerous, unpredictable Mujahideen-controlled Pakistan, onward to Northern Europe and finally to the Arab enclave of Dhofar, a desolate place that holds the key to possibly saving his life ... a life spent cheating and ruled by greed for which he knows, inevitably, a price must be paid. What Doyle cannot know is his chequered past and discovery of much sought after Nazi treasure, has set other hunters on his trail ... and Mohsen Raza may not end up being the very worst of them.