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ASSASSIN - Quentin Cope

The richest man in the world would have to be 'dealt with', but not before robbing him of the 'key' to a mining empire built on the dwindling supply of 'rare earth' minerals.

They would send the most accomplished professional assassin in the business to do the job. Her success or failure, in one final mission, would decide whether or not the civilised world tips over the edge in a scramble to capture the planet's remaining stocks! That might well have been the 'end-game' for some, but it's not the way Anna Petrov saw it! The trail of bodies the assassin leaves behind is witness to a determination to win the day and maintain world calm. But that was until a final unexpected confrontation with her mentor, Russian SVR General Boronovsky, forced him to play his Ace card.

Would it stop the most feared contract killer in the world in her tracks … or would the frustrated Russian Secret Service Supremo be proven wrong? However, whatever Boronovsky told her, the end result was not how Anna Petrov saw it. Control of the dwindling world supplies of rare earth minerals is without doubt the prize, but without the 'key' the world's intelligence agencies will be forced to watch events from the sidelines. Unfortunately, that's not the way Ted Carter, head of the American CIA saw it … and in a final face to face with Anna Petrov, everyone held their breath, hoping to God he was right!

Released Spring 2023.

Gygax - Diary of a Clown -

This is the fascinating story of German born Walter 'Gygax' Endler, someone who survived two World Wars, was awarded the 'Friedrich August Medaille' for meritorious service during WW1 and was destined to become a well known entertaining figure throughout 20th Century Europe. He was someone who played a broad stage from entertaining enthralled Kings and Queens of Europe to fascinated TV audiences in mid 20th Century Germany. Rubbing shoulders with such famous theatrical names as Caruso, Charlie Chaplin, the Tiller Girls and Sarah Bernhard, he made the seamless transformation from gifted gymnast and acrobat to musical clown and someone who entertained the world with his smile.

Walter was born in the 'Kleinzschocher' district of Leipzig, North-East Germany on June 9th, 1893 to his father Hermann and his mother Marie. He performed as a 'Gygax', a musical clown, for a major part of his quite adventurous life. He diarised many aspects of it from the time he was born to his death on July 7th, 1979 aged eighty-six years.

This set of diarised events reveals not only the poignant story of one man's life; it paints a period picture of social history in Europe and particularly in Germany through two devastating world wars.

Released Autumn 2022