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Gygax - Diary of a Clown.  B.Endler & A.J.Lot

This is the fascinating story of German born Walter 'Gygax' Endler, someone who survived two World Wars, was awarded the 'Friedrich August Medaille' for meritorious service during WW1 and was destined to become a well known entertaining figure throughout 20th Century Europe. He was someone who played a broad stage from entertaining enthralled Kings and Queens of Europe to fascinated TV audiences in mid 20th Century Germany. Rubbing shoulders with such famous theatrical names as Caruso, Charlie Chaplin, the Tiller Girls and Sarah Bernhard, he made the seamless transformation from gifted gymnast and acrobat to musical clown and someone who entertained the world with his smile. Walter was born in the 'Kleinzschocher' district of Leipzig, North-East Germany on June 9th, 1893 to his father Hermann and his mother Marie. He performed as a 'Gygax', a musical clown, for a major part of his quite adventurous life. He diarised many aspects of it from the time he was born to his death on July 7th, 1979 aged eighty-six years. This set of diarised events reveals not only the poignant story of one man's life; it paints a period picture of social history in Europe and particularly in Germany through two devastating world wars.

Tony Collins - Football Master Spy - Quentin Cope/Sarita Collins

Whether you are a fan of English football or not, prepare yourself for a fascinating new biography detailing the life and times of Tony Collins, named by the British press as the Master Spy of English football and the first black club manager in English Football league history. When a playing talent with a complex ethnic background returns to London's notorious Portobello Road in 1946, there is only one way forward for a man with ambition, determination and a courage that would leave its mark on some of the most famous club names in English soccer. The authors of this absorbing piece of social and sporting post war history can confirm that Tony Collins not only fought his way up from the bottom, facing prejudice and scorn from some but praise and well received assistance from others, he became a name that regularly filled the sporting headlines of all the major National newspapers for the second half of the twentieth century. He was referred to by them as 'The Teacher' and English football's 'Master Spy' discovering and nurturing some of the greatest names in football history. Having his battles with the likes of Alex Ferguson at Manchester United and Brian Clough, during his famous 44 days at Leeds United, were more than made up for by his close relationship with kings of the sport such as Don Revie and 'Big Ron' Atkinson. This is the so far untold story about the remarkable man who was the real 'Mr. Football' for more than fifty years ... and the first black manger in the English Football League. Illustrated with images depicting the life stages of this very private man, many of which have not been seen before, this lovingly written and exceptionally well produced biography is now available in both paperback and Ebook versions on Amazon worldwide. (Cover shown is for EBook only)

The Writer's Useful Compendium - Quentin Cope

This compendium of phrases and one-liner's is a collection of the highly successful '501 Writers' series of books including '501 Writers Useful Phrases, 501 More Writers Useful Phrases and 501 Writers One-Liner's. Owning the Compendium in paperback or as an EBook is much better value than buying the three books individually and as part of this particular collection, a bonus of 50 mixed phrases and one-liner's have been added. Each section shown in the 'Useful Phrases' index contains 100 entries, except for the bonus 50, and the 'One-Liner's' complete subject section contains a total of 500 entries. This most 'useful', value for money volume of over 185 pages is a 'must have' on the shelf for fiction and non-fiction writers, speakers and speech writers, students at all levels, wordsmiths and journalists and all those just interested in 'words'! Each indexed section, 1 to 21, includes a descriptive heading advising the reader about general content and in the paperback version the index is linked to page numbers. Hopefully, you the reader ... and equally importantly, you the writer, will gain a little extra something from this new edition compendium. This is not a work of academia, does not follow any particular rules of English Language teaching and each section heading should be regarded as a broad but not definitive description of its content. As already evidenced by increasing annual sales of the individual editions combined here, the compendium can make a great and popular reference, not only at the initial manuscript stage of your writing ... if you are a writer at any level, but at the tough edit stage where just one small phrase adjustment can make all the difference to flow, pace, excitement and character definition.

Writer's Reference - Quentin Cope

This popular collection of reference material is available in EBook and Paperback with the best selling '501' series now collected in one single Compendium.